Try This Free Realistic Portrait Coloring Pages

Try This Free Realistic Portrait Coloring Pages. Fill your spare time with color in this amazing art.

At the adult level of coloring, we tend to search for a complex object for a harder challenge. The complexity makes us think about the best color combination and other coloring techniques. Despite its challenge, this activity can boost your creativity and help you relax. Thus, we presented to you realistic portrait coloring pages. These coloring pages will provide you the new challenge you search for. In addition, we also put tips in shading your coloring page which very useful in this coloring activity

How to shade color

With shading, we can give a shadow effect on the object. This very useful if we want to paint a realistic object. However, this trick isn’t that easy. Thus, we give you some tips for shading that you may use for painting realistic objects.

Decide the color of the shadow

This is the basic step. We need to decide what color that you want to show a shadow. However, you must not choose the black color as a choice. It is because the black color will waste any color around them and make your object look flat. You may use a darker part of your choice of color for example dark green as a shadow of light green, a mix of purple as a shadow of red.

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Colors in the opposite direction

If you use colored pencils, try to shade in opposite direction for the shading. It is because shading in opposite direction will avoid the unpleasant stroke. This method also helps distribute the power of color in your coloring work.


You can blend the colors after shading. If you blend the color, the result of your work will appear more natural. There are different methods of blending according to the types of coloring utensils you use. If you use pastels, you can use a pallet knife. Meanwhile, you can use baby oil, colorless pencils, oil, etc to blend in colored pencils but you must not use an eraser.

Realistic Portrait Coloring Page

Coffee Girl Coloring Page

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Flower Woman Coloring Page

coloring pages for adults of people
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Trendy Girl Coloring Page

coloring pages of people medicozombie
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Swag Girl Coloring Page

coloring pages of people for kids at getdrawings free
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Kebaya Girl Coloring Page

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Tattoo Girl Coloring Page

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Ready to Party Coloring Page

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Woman Face Coloring Page

just coloring coloring pages of peoples faces women faces
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Lady Flowers Coloring Page

adult coloring page lady flowers digital coloring page
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Garden Woman Coloring Page

coloring pages of people realistic
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Girl and Iphone Coloring Page

tumblr coloring pages people
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Avril Lavigne Coloring Page

avril lavigne coloring pages coloring pages printable
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Little Girl Coloring Page

listening portrait illustration of a woman downloadable
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Cat Girl Coloring Page

colouring pages for girls preschool cute anime chibi girl
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Lady Flower Coloring Page

coloring pages for adults of people
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Selfie Coloring Page

people coloring pages free printable people coloring pages
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Walk Across the Garden Coloring Page

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Flower Princess Coloring Page

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Flowery Coloring Page

people coloring pages for adults at getdrawings free
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Tattoo Coloring Page

coloring pages of people
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We hope you enjoy our coloring pages. You may find more interesting content if you scroll across our home page.

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